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Heading to Ghana

In honor of Ghana’s Independence day, I am sharing the experiences I had there in 2009. My life was forever changed by this country of hope, turmoil, and love. 

Written on 6/15/2009

I am sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight.

What can I say? I am excited and exhausted. I did not sleep last night. My to-do list seemed to grow as time passed. I packed and repacked! I have 5 pair of shoes,a ziplock bag of powder detergent, 22 shirts, more than 10 bottoms, 3 dresses, sheets, a pillow, noodles, bug spray, sunscreen, hand wipes,lysol spray, a camera, baby wipes, all types of medication (including pills for malaria) and any thing else I thought I just couldn’t live without.

I re-read my study abroad hand book and surfed the web looking up information on Ghana. Lonely Planet suggested budgeting $30-$50 a day. Yeah right….I think I can come in way under budget.

I also spent 4 hours loading music on my  iPod nano. I just had to have good music to deal with a 5 hour layover in New York and a 10 hour flight from there to Ghana!!

I loved Spain and I am sure I will love Ghana too. However, the love will be based on totally different reasons.Ghana is rich in culture and tradition yet, they are steadily advancing to keep up with the Western world.The people of Ghana have so little compared to Americans. However, they are able to find joy in the simple things in life. If we could all learn that lesson…the world would be better place and happiness would be drawn from the most intimate depths of our souls and not from our possessions.

It is quite funny how life works. When I moved out of my apartment 2 weeks ago, I found a notebook from 2007. The notebook contained goals. I saw one goal written out that I didn’t even remember writing. It read: Trip to Africa July 2009. Apparently, I willed this trip into existence 2 years ago….without even realizing it and I thank God for listening….


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