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How to diet without being on a diet

Healthy Dinner

Healthy Dinner

Saute, add to a smoothie, or make a salad with it

Spinach: Saute, add to a smoothie, or make a salad with it

I said I would post more about fitness as a follow-up to that initial post. I’ve made a conscious effort to add more fruit and veggies to my diet. That factor plays an important role in weight management. Try making smoothies with a variety of fruits to get your daily intake. These smoothies are also a great snack or meal replacement. I typically add ice and almond milk to create a smooth texture. Yogurt is also great for smoothies. Water intake is important too. There a lot of debates on the amount of water people should consume, however, I think its safe to say that more is better. Water aids the digestive system in breaking down food and eliminating waste. Most people hold weight in the tummy region from waste that hasn’t been expelled. Drinking water before and during a meal will help you consume less.

For those who are really serious about losing weight, eating 2-3 hours before bed time is ideal. Be sure its a small meal as well. That will give you time to burn of some of those calories before bed. I also think green tea is great for assisting with detoxifying the body and others have used it as an appetite suppressant.

On any regimen, its important to build in a reward” or “cheat” day. Reward yourself for exercise or proper nutrition one day a week. Indulge in a food you love but don’t go overboard. Another good idea is to place $5 in a jar every week that you work out to save toward a new outfit or dress.

There are numerous ways to increase physical activity. I prefer aerobics. I’ve never owned a gym membership but I check out DVDs from my local library. I also incorporate small weights to keep lean muscles. Muscle mass also burns more calories. Walking briskly is also a great starting place for beginners. If you like the gym, I suggest doing a bit of everything so that you don’t get bored. Take advantage of the classes, sauna (great for detox) and the indoor pool if available. Water aerobics is amazing. It helps tone the body and is gentle enough for people with back or joint injuries.

Pan toss and pair with your favorite meal

Kale:Pan toss and pair with your favorite meal

Now if you want extreme weight loss, you can start with the activities above and progress to circuit training ( various high impact activity in short bursts) or a program like Insanity. I’ve never done Insanity but I know a few people who have lost a lot of weight by completing the Insanity program.

Remember that is also important to consult with your doctor before starting a new work out or nutrition plan. Getting a physical will help you access your health status and the results may reveal any health conditions that need to be taken into consideration.

I don’t believe in diets. I believe in balance. Enjoy food and work out so that you can also enjoy your body.


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