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Check List Syndrome

The over-achievers

The over-achievers

Over hot cocoa and a vanilla latte my friend and I discussed random aspects of life. We discussed creativity, purpose, and structure. I believe that all of these concepts are interconnected. However, most people get side tracked because the grind gets tough sometimes. Finding our purpose and being creative about how to get to where we want to be is not always clear cut. Sometimes we do not see how all of our efforts will amount to success. For me, wandering through life with no structure is…. dangerous. I am free-flowing and creative but structure has allowed me to channel my energy in a productive way.

I know a lot of talented people who never exercise their full potential simply because they lack structure or fear. (see my post entitled FEAR) They have never pondered their goals or they have never taken a step toward accomplishing a goal. When I evaluate my life thus far, I am totally amazed how seemingly disconnected experiences ended up being building blocks or pillars for me to stand upon to reach a goal. A goal is simply a starting place. Furthermore, lack of action leads to lack of fruition.  It is silly to believe that our dreams will just come true without any effort on our part. Well… trust fund babies may have a different opinion on that.

Ironically, too much structure can be just as dangerous as none at all. I recently told my line sister that I refuse to live my life like a “check-list.” Doers, as I like to call people like myself, can easily fall victim to the check-list syndrome. We are always asking what is next. We grow weary and frustrated when we feel like we are not accomplishing things fast enough. We play this silly game with time as though we have some power over it. Some of us hid behind the term driven which may be applicable but there is certainly a difference between drive and complete tunnel vision that limits our ability to see what is happening around us. We can barely enjoy the simple things in life because we move way too fast. The real danger is that sometimes we are not still enough to hear what the universe is telling us. Thus, causing us to miss critical blessings and opportunities.

Thus, I have tried to focus on creating balance and harmony. I need the structure but I do not want to compromise my random behavior either. Both define me and both characteristics have been helpful to me as I navigate life. The beauty is that I really do not have to choose one or the other but I will have to make a conscious effort to recognize when I am leaning too far left without the graceful moments of tranquility.


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