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A dear friend of mine asked how I have been able to maintain my weight all these years. I gave this question some serious thought and I think I now know some critical reasons that contributed to my stable weight. Be patient as I take you way back to when I was being raised in the early 90s. My mother cooked dinner every night except for Friday or Saturday and her meals were well-balanced. We ate veggies, poultry, and highly seasoned food without too much table salt. I rarely had soda and my snacks were yogurt, raisins, graham crackers etc. We indulged when the ice cream truck came around and we enjoyed baking and decorating cookies but sweets were consumed in moderation.

A lot of those habits carried over to my adult life. I don’t eat fast
food often and when I do I don’t super size the meal or drink. I still don’t drink soda regularly because the sugar content is ridiculous. I primarily drink water and natural juices that lack added sugar and high fructose corn syrup.
I don’t consume pork  but I eat a lot of turkey, fish, and organic beef. I should probably eat more veggies but spinach is certainly one of my favorites. I also eat fruit and almonds. I still love ice cream but I only eat about 2-3 scoops at a time. I also don’t overeat. When I get the slightest sensation of fullness, I stop eating. I simply don’t enjoy that stuffed feeling. It makes me miserable and lethargic. Food is suppose to give us energy instead of making us sluggish. I also avoid anything white in terms of sugar and carbs. White foods have little to no nutritional value. I only buy whole wheat/whole grain bread. For the last 3 years, I’ve been eating brown rice and raw cane sugar.

I don’t exercise as much as I should but because I have a decent diet, my body is not impacted negatively. High sugar, fatty foods create the bad kind of fat that expands the mid section is most women. I opt for light cardio and yoga. I’ve also noticed that when I eat REAL food, I consume more because it kicks my metabolism into high gear which is a prime factor that impacts weight.

Most people can lose a few pounds even without working out at all by changing their diet.

The next post will address detailed simply workout tips, suggestions, as well as a some buying better quality foods without spending too much money


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