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When It all Falls Down

****Written April 24, 2012****

The last 3 months have been intense. Late nights, dinner parties, networking events, stimulating convo, and travel. And just when I thought things were about to slow down, life threw me a fast ball and I had to plant my feet and prepare to catch it or stand still and get hit by it.

I set out with specific goals in mind. Well, it did not quite go that way. I cried, prayed, and wrote in a attempt to find an answer. The answer came and it was very simple-PATIENCE. As a person who is used to setting goals and getting what I want, I can’t say that I have had to be all that patient. But I had to be reminded that things don’t and won’t always happen on my time.

God, Jah, Allah, encourages us to do things in line with his timing and purpose. I decided to submit to his plan bc the answer came in a blatant and clear manner. It simply wasn’t want I wanted though.

I find solace in knowing that he is preparing me for something greater. So even though I was admitted to some prestigious programs and offered merit based scholarships, I decided to walk away from the offers.

It was a scary decision too. After all, this is what I had worked so hard for. It just wasn’t my time. Now I have a more strategic plan in place to help identify areas that I can improve upon. I am testing again soon and maintaining relationships with all the great people I’ve met along the way.

Maybe that was apart of the plan because I’ve met some truly amazing people who have been kind and inspiring. It’s wonderful hearing their stories and struggle with education and career goals. Most importantly, it’s a sign of goodness when perfect strangers say that they believe in you and extend every resource they have to help you get where you want to be.
Now that’s a BLESSING!



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