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When Heaven and Earth Collide

I  answered the phone with delight. I immediately recognized the voice and was anxious to hear what she would say. I sat on the couch, grabbed a pencil and slid a random piece of paper closer to me.  She began to speak and before she could finish her sentence, my eyes began to water and the power of his grace seized me.  She delivered the news that I prayed to receive for nearly two years. She told me I had gotten the same thing I had strategically written on my vision board and in my journal. I had found favor.  The Prince of Peace had leaned down to lend me his ear…he heard my call and answered my prayer.
Even after the conversation ended, I cried as I sat with my eyes fixated on the wall.  The disbelief, the joy, and the gratefulness overwhelmed me.  I had earned a full tuition fellowship for my graduate school education plus more than I could have ever imagined. (approx 100,000K education totally FREE). So, not only was I blessed, I was given much more than I even asked for.  So all of those long nights filled with worry, anxiousness, and eventually insomnia were for a greater purpose. I had given up my social life and traded in my party time for library time. I had forked out my savings for test preparation classes and tutors. I had struggled with material that I still never really mastered. I had cried and prayed. I had asked was this truly my calling. I wondered if I was really supposed to be at a top business school.  I always aim high.  So, when I decided 2 years ago to actively pursue my MBA, I had no doubt that I wanted to attend a highly ranked and elite institution.  However, those programs are competitive and the scholarships are scarce.  I didn’t quite fit the typical applicant profile. I was a liberal arts major undergrad and despite my high GPA, my test scores were below average.
That alone can easily get an applicant’s package thrown away without a second thought. After all, there are more than 4,000 applicants competing for the same spot.  Yet, despite any of the odds against me, my father blessed me. He taught me patience and diligence. I could have easily given up the first year when I did not get the scholarship I had hoped for.  I could have settled for something less than what I truly wanted.  I thank God that I was wise enough to be obedient. See-he did not give me what I wanted then because he had something better prepared for me later.  He wanted me to endure so that I could learn to let go.  He wanted me to trust him.
Ironically, I had prayed and let go of the situation about a month ago. I stopped studying. I refused to retake the exam. I held on to the fact that it was not my job to fret; it was my job to have FAITH. 
Once I did that, the anxiousness I once had was filled with peace. I had no worries. I knew something was going to happen although I could not dare predict how big the blessing would be. Everyday I glanced at my vision board with a deep longing. I was commited. My heart was in it.  
During my interaction with the school, people remarked on how poised I was. They talked about my spirit, attitude, and leadership qualities. They said I was highly talented. They believed in me. But I must say that it was not just me that they saw. It was the spirit of Christ that they connected with. That is what drew them to me. And that my friends is what I call PRETTY POWER! 
After all, if he is for me, who can be against me?  I am living proof that dreams do come true. I am a walking testimony. This was a strenuous journey that tested my character and faith.  Just know that there comes a time when even the underdog wins. 
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All Praise to the Most High

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4 Responses to “When Heaven and Earth Collide”

  1. Rickeeta

    Remarkable Shay! It’s always amazing to see other young ladies pursuing their dreams! God has a greater purpose for you, and just happy that you are kind enough to share your testimony! Enjoy Grad school!


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