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BEAT FACE edition-contouring for beginners



Although this was my very first attempt at contouring, the outcome turned out great. Contouring is a great way to add structure to the face. For round faces like mine, it adds deminsion. I opted to use Milani press powder that was 2 shades darker than my complexion. I find that this method gives me control of the color and the press powder is quite inexpensive.

I focused on my nose, cheek area, and jaw line. Now that I have been doing for this months, I can easily replicate this look in 2-3 minutes. Adding more powder will create a more dramatic look. However, the look above is an everyday look.

Here are my steps:

1. prime with milk of magnesia apply foundation (black opal creme stick)Image

2. contour cheeks, jaw line and nose using a angled face brush (ELF). *tip: suck in cheeks to find the natural line of indentation*

3.set with a face powder (Ruby Kisses)

4. Apply a light peachy colored blush and add bronzer all over

I LOVE the fact that all of these products are easily accessible and inexpensive. I would suggest practicing with drug store products before splurging on higher in make up. Also, application is everything, You can buy an entire collection from MAC and walk out the house looking a mess if the products are not applied correctly.

Please leave your questions and comments below. Image


3 Responses to “BEAT FACE edition-contouring for beginners”

  1. Alexandria J

    Beautiful! As you know, my face is not as round but more of an oval shape with a sharper jawline and high cheek bones so my face has the structure but contouring helps me to highlight those features. I use bronzer by Milani that’s darker than my skin and apply in even strokes from my ear/temple to the edge of my mouth and apply blush from the outside of my eye to my upper/outer lip. I also use bronzer to dull the shiny areas. I love contouring because of how it highlights my features and it agrees with one of the greatest things I’ve learned about makeup application: no ones face is the same color all over so we have to play to that fact.

    I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. callmekinky

    Thank you. I love the fact that you use bronzer. Too often people think that bronzer is limited to the warmer months. I use it all year round for a natural glow. I think it is important to play in make up and practice different techniques until you find one suitable for you.

  3. Funmi

    You look beautiful dear! Love the look and great tutorial. I’ll be brave enough to try sometime! xoxo


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