Natural Hair and Other Kinky Stuff

Washington DC-Day 4-Sunday



My sister arrived from New York and I was happy to spend some time with her and other family members. I started my day at the Eastern market. Beautiful crafts lined the street and the fresh  produce market was full of decadent fruit, fresh meats, pastries, and meals. I couldn’t resist the fresh brewed coffee. At only $2, it was way more budget friendly than Starbucks. I was also thrilled about the collection of vintage Ebony magazines. The ad for Fashion Fair was a fine representation of black beauty. On the way from the market, we stopped in a quaint gelato shop. I think we tasted more than 5 flavors before making our purchase. The flavors were rich and once again, the prices were excellent.


One of the workers was such as beautiful woman. She had deep dark brown skin and a clean-shaven head. I complimented her and she said she loved not having to deal with hair.

Fashion Fair Ad

Fashion Fair Ad

Next, I went to the Native American museum to catch a African dance performance. My bestie and I gave each other the side eye as one of the African speakers began to gush about all the wonderful things that former President Bush had done for Africa. I sure wished I could have pulled him aside to get some concrete examples.

Anyway, the dancers were great and the music made me miss Ghana.I wanted to instantly adorn my body with the waist beads I had purchased there years ago.  On the streets, opportunists and entrepeneurs were marketing there products with full force. Their arms and tables were full of Obama gear. They had everything…. pins, pictures, calendars, t-shirts, newspapers, key chains etc. I opted for a calendar and kept it moving.

The day ended with a delicious Sunday dinner prepared by my Baltimore family. The food was excellent. I need my cousin’s mac and cheese recipe. It was firm yet, creamy and the noddle texture was just right. My friends and I made pallets on the floor. We were excited about the inauguration but we dreaded having to get up so early the next day.


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