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Washington DC-Saturday-Day 3

We turned it out Friday night but I was up Saturday morning eager to attend the National Day of Service. The event was amazing and included Yolanda Adams, Angela Bassett, and several other speakers and performances. (Angela Basset tweeted me y’all !!!!)  I painted a mural and learned about a multitude of organizations committed to positive progression and impact.


After that, I hopped on the metro to head to a day party that was crowded with Howard alumni. I enjoyed walking through the Georgetown area. After a few drinks and some dancing, we left to have dinner on U street. The Thai cuisine was great despite the waiter being a tad bit rude. An old friend made an appearance and we caught up over wine and tuna rolls. The conversation took an interesting turn as we discussed relationships, monogamy, and sex. I will be writing another post addressing his perspective.
I think I may have found my new favorite drink as well. It was sweet with a bit of spice from the ginger beer. The night was fun and we felt like natives because we navigated the metro like pros.
I have the most profound thoughts when I am away. I rattled off advice to my love as though I was professionally qualified. She nodded her head and, at times, she may have been surprised that I knew so much about certain situations although she had said so little. And then I confessed…I’ve already been there, done that and moved on. 🙂 No one is perfect. We fall. We cry. We lie to others and ourselves. But then we bounce back a little bit tougher and a lot wiser and suddenly life becomes a lot easier.
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