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TulipsI am not talking about the kind of fear the stiffens your body and makes your heart pulsate when you watch a scary movie. I am talking about the kind of fear that keeps you from pursuing your dreams and goals. It is the kind that invades your mind and taints your beliefs. I mean the kind that whispers in your ear when you least expect it and creates a flood of self-defeating thoughts.

Fear keeps GOOD people from becoming GREAT people. We can never conquer what we dont confront. This year, I have made conscious decision to listen and obey my calling. I am willing to take risks and follow the desires of my heart. What’s the point of living if I never take the steps to become the person I was created to be? Mediocity has no place in my life.

We often stray off our own path because we attempt to follow someone elses. For some reason, the dream of someone else may appear more glamorous, more lucrative, or more logical. But there is a major problem with that ideology: we are not designed to be like everybody else. Clinging to someone else’s goal will never truly make us happy. And any success will be short-lived.

Furthermore, fear does not come from our Father. He provides us faith. We shouldnt be influenced by negative emotions. Becoming your BEST self is not always easy. It is a journey and along the way friends may become fickle, money may get funny, and your faith may be tested. When you need strength to go on, you wont have to look that far. Strength, my friend, is already within.

So dont just live. THRIVE


5 Responses to “FEAR”

  1. awindowofwisdom

    Great post! You are so right that fear stops of from everything, and it is the one word that is behind all pain and suffering… I wish you love and peace on your journey.

    • callmekinky

      Thank you. I am so thrilled that you enjoyed this post. I always share my raw emotions in hopes that it will help someone else too. Peace.Love.Prosperity.

  2. Amritha

    Beautiful post! ❤ I love your powerful writing style, and you are such a gorgeous inspiring person. Keep writing!

    • callmekinky

      Thank you so much. I am so happy that we met. I hope you get a chance to read my newest post bc it deals what happened after I decided to not allow fear to rule me. I exercised faith and was blessed immensely.


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