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DC day 2

Despite a nagging and persistent cough, I managed to get myself together and head out of the house to explore DC some more. I stumbled across a dance performance at the Native American museum. We also toured the Voices of America museum. I found it interesting that VOA is prohibited from broadcasting in the US simply because  private stations feared that VOA would be too much of a threat to private enterprise.  However, Congress recently lifted that band. VOA has been successful at disseminating information to countries that don’t have access to news outlets or those that have a government that restricts access to information. The tour was informative but I dipped out once I realized that another guest was fixated on asking a ton of political questions and expressing her political opinions. Her commentary became distracting.

The highlight of my day came when I walked to the Rayburn federal building to pick up my ticket for the inauguration. A very kind friend of mine gave me her extra ticket because I had been placed on my congressional representative’s waitlist.
We chatted with nearly everyone we encountered in the small office space. I found out that a lot of the workers had been working in politics since college. One women got her start as an intern while she was in middle school. We posed with big smiles once we had our tickets in


hand. ( I look like a giddy kid in the pic)
After a quick stop at Starbucks to meet up with my cousins, I headed back to VA to get changed for a party. We went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Our night was interesting…I watched as people vogued and danced with cheer. You can’t help but look on in awe as people dramatically throw themselves on the floor and then rise with grace as though they are on a runway. I also people watched because I get a lot of inspiration to write while observing the people and the world around me.
I will devote a seperate post to the fashion I observed and it will be quite entertaining.






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