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When my heart sings…..

When my heart sings

 When I reflect on my life, the lives of others and the lessons that I have learned the thoughts seem infinite. The most poignant ones are below.
1. God is Love
2. Your best self is your Authentic self
3. Big girls do cry. But they learn/appreciate the lesson and move on
4. The problem is you.
5. The solution is YOU
6. Ideas are great, Action is better
7. Only let what is positive in and out
8. Your actions do define you
9. If you are ashamed of what you do, STOP
10. Forgive yourself
11. Forgive others
12. Smile at adversity
13. Take a stand against ignorance
14. Educate and stimulate your mind
15. Give love freely
16. Do not make excuses for the actions of others
17. Know a higher being
18. Realize that your job isnt to make others understand you,99% never will
19. You are never alone. Get used to “self”
20. Change what you do not like in your life
21. Instead of complaining, ask “What am I going to do about it?”
22. Your job isnt to please everyone
23. Check selfish behavior. It is the root to a lot of ills
24. Your job is to tap into your purpose
25. You will never be completely happy without living in your purpose
26. Slavery comes in many forms. Be aware of any bondage and captivity in your life
27. Pray.Meditate. Release
28. Learn how to observe and even disagree without judging*
29. Children squabble and fuss…Are you a child? No-then do not act like one
30. Know your priorities and handle your business
31. Have pride without the EGO (Edging God Out)
32. Do something you have never done before
33. Collect experiences and memories instead of “things”
34. You really do not have anything to prove to anyone but yourself
35. I wrote a poem in college and this phase is still true..”Envy is like a bad disease creeping into the heart with ease….”
36. What are you good at? What do you enjoy?
38. JUST DO IT….it is more than a slogan
39. Network
40. Clutter is problematic. Organize your home and life
41. What other people think is irrelevant
42. Guard your eyes, ears, and mouth
43. Some things are better left unsaid
44. State of mind determines everything. Change your mind and your emotions will follow
45. Believe and speak things into existence. Not “if” but “when”
46. There is no competition. No comparisons needed
47. Do not play small. Shine your light for the world to see
48. You are what you eat
49. Healthy mind, spirit, and body= LIFE
50. And in the words of my beloved sorority “….be of service to all mankind”
51. We can not control time, learn to work with it and not against it
52. Stop waiting..make it (whatever you truly desire) happen
53. Pray for guidance.
54. Oh..that little voice is God. Trust your instincts and follow your gut
55. Be real about your relationships, everyone will not have seat on your ride to greatness
56. SHUT UP….listen. Think before you speak
57. It does not cost anything to be kind
58. Do not try to redefine love to fit your situation. Love does not hurt.
59. Do not be afraid to say goodbye (to a person, lifestyle, career etc.)
60. CORRECTION: it is not walking away, it is walking toward something better.
61. Love is beautiful. You deserve it.
62. Love some people from afar. i.e the ones that ONLY call you when they need or want something, the ones who do not add value to your existence
63. Never believe that you are the “subject matter expert” on everything. That belief can not coexist with evolution and growth
64. SWAG-naw I just need positive energy
65. You were not created to fit in. Stand out
66. Get comfortable being uncomfortable-Jay Ramsey

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